NSWFA Merchandise

  • 02/08/2017

NSWFA has a smart new range of merchandise including a presentation track suit you can wear on the podium. Even better, you can have your surname added to the jacket! Other items include a hoodie and training gear. The new apparel is for sale online via our new supplier, S-Trend Sportswear. Just place your order online via the link below. Prices are actually lower than before, and the new outfits will create a fresh and contemporary image for NSW Fencing. We hope that all NSW fencers will soon be wearing the new track suit and training gear.

To see the new range,  you can visit the S-Trend Sportswear website directly (https://my.s-trend.com.au/store/New-South-Wales-Fencing-Association).

Please feel free to contact the NSW Fencing Centre manager (FencingCentre@nswfencing.org.au) for any questions you may have.