About the NSW Fencing Association

The New South Wales Fencing Association is the State Sporting Organisation for the Olympic sport of fencing. This means NSWFA is recognised by sports authorities as the body responsible for the conduct, development and promotion of fencing in New South Wales.

NSWFA is a member of the Australian Fencing Federation – www.ausfencing.org  – which is the National Sporting Organisation. Directors of the AFF are elected by senior registered fencers throughout Australia. NSWFA appoints a Delegate to general meetings of the AFF.

The AFF is a member of the Oceania Fencing Confederation and the Federation Internationale d’Escrime – www.fie.org

NSWFA is registered with the NSW Office of Fair Trading under the NSW Incorporated Associations Act .

The members of NSWFA are individual fencers and supporters who are Senior (+18) Affiliated or Registered Members, or Life Members, of NSWFA. Membership is annual and applies from 1 January each year.

Fencing clubs are independent and self-governing and may be affiliated with NSWFA. There are 26 fencing clubs in metropolitan and regional areas of the State.

The New South Wales Fencing Association is governed by a Constitution registered with the NSW Office of Fair Trading. The Constitution conforms with the Sports Governance Principles set by the Australian Sports Commission and with the model constitution recommended by the NSW Office of Sport.

The Constitution provides for an elected Board of up to six Directors who can appoint another two Directors with special expertise.

Directors are elected for 4-year terms. Each year, two directors retire by rotation and may be re-elected.

The elected Directors appoint a chairperson who takes the title of President. Directors are allocated portfolio responsibilities by the chairperson. A Secretary is appointed to deal with mandatory reporting to government agencies and other compliance requirements.

The Board develops a four-year Strategic Plan for the ongoing development of fencing and sets specific policies with regard to the organisation and conduct of fencing, including safety rules.

The Board appoints staff (paid and unpaid) to deliver services to members.

The key position is NSW Head Coach and Director of the NSW Fencing Centre. The Head Coach is responsible for improving the quality of coaching and the performance standards of fencers.

Other positions are State Coaching Director and State Officiating Director. The State Coaching Director organises coach training programs and facilitates the registration of coaches with the AFF. The State Officiating Director organises referee training programs and supervises referees at State competitions.

The Board assigns membership of the Directoire Technique – the office responsible for the management of fencing competitions in accordance with the international FIE Technical Rules and other policies.

The Board deals with issues that may arise from time to time under the NSWFA Code of Conduct. A major responsibility of the Board is to ensure that coaches engaged by NSWFA are verified with the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian as having complied with the NSW Working With Children Check.

Government funding is conditional on NSWFA complying with the Working With Children Check requirements.

NSWFA receives an annual grant from the NSW Office of Sport under the State Government’s Sport Development Grant and may receive other project funding from time to time. NSWFA does not receive any funding from the Australian Sports Commission nor from the Australian Fencing Federation. So, apart from a modest annual grant from the NSW Office of Sport, NSWFA is entirely dependent on income from membership fees, competition entry fees, training fees, sponsorship and other services.

Current NSWFA Directors