Friends of Fencing

Friends of Fencing (NSW) – Raising Money to Support Young Fencers






The Friends of Fencing are a supporter group within the NSW Fencing Association who have pledged donations to fund special projects to advance the sport of fencing, particularly for the benefit of young fencers. They invite you to join them.

Tax deductible donations in support of Friends of Fencing (NSW) can be made to the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). The ASF is a company established by the Australian Government to generate funds for sports related projects.

Friends of Fencing (NSW) commenced in 2009 and has raised over $20,000 so far. More is needed to create a viable pool of funds.


Friends of Fencing seeks contributions in four categories:

  • Platinum – $10,000
  • Gold – $5,000
  • Silver – $3,000
  • Bronze – $1,000

Donations of any value will be gratefully accepted.

Donations can be made by individuals and companies to the Australian Sports Foundation, nominating the ‘Friends of Fencing (NSW) Development Fund’ project as the preferred beneficiary. The ASF will issue a receipt entitling the donor to claim a personal or corporate tax deduction. Please use the below form to make a tax deductible donation. Please forward your donation to NSWFA at the address shown on the

Online Donations

Alternatively, donations can be made directly to NSWFA. Please contact the President or Treasurer, NSWFA.



The Friends of Fencing are:

  • Mike Alchin (Alchin & Long Group)
  • Duncan Fairweather
  • Annie and Volker Hrovat (Ray White Marrickville & Dulwich Hill)
  • Marcus Pesman
  • Veronica Tseng-Donald
  • Leslie and Peter Witkop
  • Chris Blood
  • Dorothy Koukari
  • Evy Claessen-Andrews