*Important notice for Schools Co-ordinators and Coaches

The start date for the new U15 Boy’s Foil Team Premiership has been postponed to give schools more time to organise teams.

The first day of the Teams Premiership (18 February) is cancelled and this event will now commence on 13 May and then as scheduled in the NSWFA Calendar. The Teams Premiership will be held at the NSW Fencing Centre, 190 Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW 2015.

The Teams Premiership is an initiative designed to give schools fencers more opportunities to fence and more competitive experience in teams. It is in addition to the regular Schools Teams Championship and for the first year is limited to U15 Boy’s Foil.  Each school will be able to nominate up to four teams.

The competition timetable and roster will be confirmed as soon as schools entries are known.  Schools Fencing Co-ordinators should advise by 7 April how many teams they wish to enter.
  Schools may change the composition of teams during the Premiership.

The winning teams will be decided on their V/M indicator – number of matches won as a percentage of the number of matches fenced – at the end of the Premiership.

The normal schools teams fencing format will apply with bouts to 45 hits.  Teams will get at least two team matches each rostered competition day.

The cost for each team entry for the Premiership will be $300 for the whole competition.  This is a significant discount on the normal $60 schools team entry fee.

Schools will be invoiced once they have advised NSWFA of the number of teams entered for the Premiership.

The Schools Fencing Program

The Schools Fencing Program is a top priority for NSW Fencing as the way most young fencers become engaged with our sport. Many who start out as schools fencers go on to become Club, State, National and International level fencers.

Fencing is a sport for both girls and boys that encourages fitness, agility and quick thinking. It also teaches good values of respect and courtesy…winning or losing with grace…and teamwork.

Students from over 45 NSW schools participate each year in the Schools Fencing Program in age groups ranging from under 7 to over 15. While some schools nominate fencing as a school sport. Students from all schools are welcome to take part in the Schools Fencing Program.

They compete in three weapons – foil, epee and sabre – in individual and team events.

Schools fencing is mostly conducted during the cooler months in Terms 2 and 3.

In these folders, you will find all the information you need about how to make fencing part of your school life.