Veteran Fencers

Veterans’ fencing competitions are open to any fencers who fit the age category – both those who have fenced from a young age and those who have taken it up more recently.

Both NSW Fencing and the AFF run Veterans’ competitions. Other events that may be of interest to NSW veteran fencers include the World Veterans’ Championships, the Commonwealth Veterans’ Championships, the Oceania Veterans’ Championships and various Masters’ Games.


Generally, a “veteran” is defined as a fencer who is aged 40 or above on the day of the event. However, for World Veteran Championships, the minimum age is 50, and for Masters’ events it is only 30.

Competition Formats

Most veteran competitions are run to standard competition formats.

A key difference, however, is that Direct Elimination (DE) bouts in Veterans’ events are to 10 hits, rather than the standard 15 hits.

Event organisers may choose to apply an age handicap – e.g. if a fencer aged between 40-49 fenced one aged 50-59, the older fencer would have a 1 point advantage in a 5 hit bout, and a 2 point advantage in a 10 hit bout.