Antonio Signorello

Head Coach

Maestro Antonio Signorello, the current Head Coach of the Australian National Fencing Team, has been coaching since 1994.

  • Maestro Signorello graduated with a Diploma of Maestro d’Armi in 1996 from the National Italian Academy of Fencing in Naples. In 2000, he was licensed under the Academie D’Armes Internationale. He started his coaching training in Germany under the instruction of French Maitre Dominique Gauville, and continued his mastery of coaching in Mazara, Italy. After the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, he was invited by the Italian Fencing Federation to become a coach of the Italian National Fencing Team. Later for the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, Maestro Signorello was selected as a Sabre Coach for the Italian Olympic Team and continued as a coach of the Italian Olympic Team until 2008.
  • Since 2009 the Australian Fencing Federation and NSWFA have had the pleasure and good fortune of having Maestro Signorello as a head coach.
  • Maestro Signorello is also an Australian  accredited level 3 coach in Sabre, Foil and Epee and is currently:
    • the Australian National Weapon Coach in Sabre; and
    • the Australian National Weapon Coach in Foil